Life is Strange Episode 2

Download Life is Strange Episode 2 PC Game full version setup file in single, direct link for windows. Life is Strange Episode 2 Improves on what made episode one so great, while adding a bigger, more impacting story. A solid second episode from Life is Strange Episode 1 that meanders a little at first but has some of the most complex and thought provoking moral decisions. Characters and circumstances need be more natural and plausible for me to buy into this world. So much is too overblown. Episode Two succeeds at adding yet more wrinkles to what is quickly becoming a compelling story. 

Life is Strange Episode 2 PC
This game is so relaxing, i like to play it for another couple of hours just to see Max sitting under the tree. Most adventure games will entertain, they'll give you some ups and downs along the way, but ultimately they will feel like games. Life Is Strange is about an 18 year old female called Max. Max is on a journey to become a photographer, and on her journey she encounters situations. 

Life is about choices and the game is great in showing the player this, sometimes you can comeback and fix things. The characters are interesting, the story hooks you in and makes you want more, the art style is pretty. Episodes storybook games seem to be a bit of an abandoned niche that has been filled in recent years by Telltale Games and their fantastic catalog.

Life is Strange Episode 2 PC Game

Life is Strange Episode 2 PC Game
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